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Green Initiatives


We strive to bring our guests the freshest and most sustainable products available in the Delmarva Region.

  • Food sourced within 150 mile radius of our facility
  • Sourcing organically grown alternatives
  • Utilizing sustainable seafood partners
  • Utilize seasonal vegetables
  • Food packaging switching from cans to recyclable bags
  • Bulk Oil systems
  • Prioritizing food companies with sustainable programs
  • Minimizing delivery frequency


We lead in Waste reduction, recycling, and reusing.

  • Recycle consistently over 50% since 2012
  • 1,207 Tons of material was recycled in 2014
  • Purchasing products with minimal packaging
  • Donate unused soap to countries and communities in need
  • Leftover food is donated to local outreach programs
  • Reusable, washable small wares are utilized to minimize plastic waste
  • Recycle cans in every guest room
  • Recycling cans throughout public areas of the property
  • Electronics are recycled
  • Over 2.2 Million Pounds of food scraps and waste composted


We lead the Mid-Atlantic area in natural resources utilization.

  • 31% electric energy savings (Enough to power 1,044 homes for an entire year)
  • 28% natural gas energy savings
  • Converted over 26,000 bulbs to HE or LED bulbs (Saving the gas emissions of over 225 passenger cars)