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WPT Heads Up Hold em

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular games on the planet. So popular, in fact, that it can be found at nearly every online casino and live gaming room. While the appeal of Texas Hold’em Poker is nearly universal, there is an increasingly large segment of enthusiasts looking for new and exciting ways to play it and win.

What Is Heads Up Hold'em?

As part of our longstanding commitment to offering our guests the best in live gaming, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is proud to introduce “World Poker Tour-Heads Up Hold‘em” - a Texas Hold‘em variant designed exclusively for the table games pit, with a new “Free-to-the-Player” Bad Beat feature. . With WPT Heads Up Hold’em, you get everything you love about traditional Texas Hold’em, with even better chances for a strong payout. Keep reading to learn more, or visit us in person and try for yourself!

How It Works

Heads Up Hold’em includes many features players have come to know and enjoy including the familiar Texas Hold’em betting pattern. To play, players start by making equal ante and odds bets, and placing any of the additional wagers listed below. Then, they receive two cards, at which point they may check or raise up to three times the ante amount. The dealer then shows three community cards, and the player once again has a chance to check or raise their ante. Finally, the dealer shows the turn and river cards, and the player may raise their ante again or fold.

Experienced poker players will recognize core aspects of this gameplay. However, Heads Up Hold’em offers improved betting opportunities, including:

  • A Trips Plus Bonus bet.
  • A Pocket Bonus wager, where the player wins if their hole card hand is composed of a pair, or an Ace and Face card.
  • And a Bad Beat Bonus which does not require an additional wager. If a player achieves a poker hand with a straight or better and loses to the dealer, their Odds wager will win and pay dramatically more on the Bad Beat pay table.

No other Texas Hold’em variation offers all these player favorite features. Come on down and try this new and exciting game today!

Play Today at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Delaware’s premier gaming destination, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is home to some of the most exciting gaming tables in the country, as well as poker tournaments and over 2300 slot machines. Ready to try your luck at Heads Up Hold’em?

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