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Table Games

Lady luck is on your side! We invite you to enjoy our 41 table games for a new level of gaming excitement proudly offered at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino®. Come experience LIVE table games with some of the friendliest dealers on the East Coast. What sets our dealers apart from all others is their focus on excellent customer service delivered with true "Southern hospitality."

We have 41 tables: three Craps, four Roulette and 33 card games including Blackjack, Spanish 21, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, High Card Flush, 21 + 3, WPT Heads Up Hold 'Em and Mississippi Stud. Tables are located on the first floor in the casino.

Table Games open 24/7

Table Limits

$5 Tables • (6 a.m. - Noon • 7 days a week)

Daily Table minimum starts at $10!


$10 minimum to $500 maximum
$25 minimum to $1,000 maximum
$100 minimum to $2,500 maximum

Blackjack Payouts

Black Jack is easy to learn and perfect for table game beginners. The object of the game is to draw cards, valued closer to 21 than the dealer's cards, without ever exceeding 21. A Blackjack, or a two card hand that equal 21, is the best hand possible and has the highest bet return. Learn more about simple Blackjack strategies and techniques.


Play More Win More


Top 40 Prizes - ALL CASH

1st Place

$2,000.00 CASH

2nd & 3rd Place

$1,500.00 CASH

4th Place

$1,250.00 CASH

5th Place

$1,000.00 CASH

6th - 10th Place

$750.00 CASH

11th - 25th Place

$350.00 CASH

26th - 40th Place

$250.00 CASH

A letter will be mailed to each Capital Club Member with eligible hours played during this promotion period with instructions on how to receive their FREE Slot Play or Match Play prize, valid March 17 – 31, 2017. CASH winners will also be notified to report to the Capital Club to claim prize. Hours played excludes poker. Not responsible for omissions or typographical errors. Capital Club® Members are subject to the terms and conditions of the Capital Club Program. Visit the Capital Club or for full rules and details. Copyright 2017.

21 + 3

Get some extra action on each blackjack wager. Make the 21 + 3 bet at the start of your blackjack hand, and if your two cards plus the dealer's up card make a three of a kind or better, get paid at 9 to 1! Learn more.


Table minimums vary from $5 to $15, with a maximum of $100 any way.

Roulette is another great game for newcomers. As one of the most popular casino games, it draws regulars and veterans alike. The object of game is to pick the winning number on the Roulette wheel. Players can bet on the color, specific numbers or on whether the outcome will be even or odd. Learn more about how to play Roulette.

Three Card Poker

"6 Card Bonus"

Three card poker is a combination of Pair Plus and Three Card Ante/Play. Bettors play these two games simultaneously. But be aware that three card poker hands rank differently because of the limited number of cards. If you are familiar with Texas Hold 'em and would like to try a different variation of Poker, this may be the game for you. Learn more.


$10 Minimum to $1,000 Maximum — Pass Line, Place Bets ($1200 each 6 & 8)

Craps is a fun and fast moving game. The craps pit is one of the liveliest parts of any casino. Players regularly congratulate each other after an exciting bets. There are about 40 different bets that can be made, however most players stick to a handful of common bets. Learn more.


This game is simple to learn and fun to play. There are three possible outcomes in Baccarat: player win, banker win, and tie. The "banker win" does not refer to a house win. Game participants can choose to bet on either the player or the banker's hands. If you're new to the game, learn more about how to play.

Dragon Bonus

This is an extra wager in baccarat you can use to increase your winnings. If you win with a natural, you win even money on the Dragon Bonus Bet. If you win with a non-natural, the more points you win by, the more you win! Learn more.

Mississippi Stud

The pace of the game is moderately fast, so new players are encouraged to know basic strategy before beginning. Learn how to play with this quick overview of common tips.

Spanish 21

Similar to Blackjack, players aim to beat the dealer with a hand closer, but not over, 21. The main difference between this game and Blackjack, is that the 10's are removed from the standard deck of cards. However, users who draw a Blackjack automatically win. The dealer is not able to tie. Learn more about this popular Blackjack alternative.

Golden 21

Golden 21 is a fun way to combine blackjack and poker. Make the Golden 21 bet before your blackjack hand begins. Play blackjack as normal, but get a bonus payout if your first 2 cards make a straight, pair, straight flush, or the Golden AK suited! Learn more.

High Card Flush

To win, just have to make a flush! Place your bet and get your cards. If your flush is higher than the dealer's hand, you win. A flush of four cards or better, or a straight flush of three cards or better pays, and the better your flush or straight flush, the bigger the payout! Learn more.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow combines traditional poker with the Chinese game Pai Gow. Each player receives seven cards and makes two hands – a five card hand and a two card hand. To "win" the player's hands both must be better than the bankers. In the event of a tie, the banker wins. If the player wins one hand and the banker wins one, neither party wins. This is referred to as a "push". Learn more.

WPT Heads Up Hold 'Em

Put up your ante and bet along with any side wagers. Get your two cards and check or raise up to 3x the ante. See three community cards and check or raise again. On the turn and river, raise or fold. If you make it to showdown, beat the dealer and win! Learn more.

Check out the Poker Room on the 3rd Floor! Click here for more information about Poker.